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You bought it, then common sense means you own it
I don't know what DRM fanatics are smoking, but if you buy a cup of water you own it, so the same applies to games.
Take your file with you
Got a flash drive, sure back up your file. At your friend's home? Throw it on their laptop. We don't care, just don't share these files online. Or we will send our hounds after you.

Fair priced games

All fans and gamers are created equal
Every commercial game on this site charges the same amount in USD. For there is one race, the human race and there is one price the fair one.
It is the right thing to do

Networked World
Free Stuff

Bundles, Free Games and more

There are a hundred of free games on this site available for you to enjoy. Get your groove on baby. Game Bundles are on their way

We have yet to launch our first bundle, but all I can say is you will be a very happy panda.

Discounts for followers of the Helix fossil

Just kidding, that will be religious discrimination. Sorry, for getting your hopes up.