SuperLongName is back and running

Greetings everyone. It has been quite some time since my last post here. Thank God for backups, eh?! returns to do what it did best and that is to deliver you great content about all things gaming, tech and geek related. We will be back of course with previews, interviews, reviews and more as well.


It is almost midnight here, so I will join you here tomorrow. Same Super Time, same Super Channel.

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Backward compatibility,a luxury or requirement?

The world of Video gaming sure has changed since my younger days of playing Super Mario world on the Super Nintendo all day long. One thing that I notice as two of new generation consoles are expected to be launched by Christmas is the craving for consoles to have backward compatibility.
To some gamers it is even a selling point, but this has not always been the culture of video gamers. I hope to explain the origins of this culture and just how stable it is.

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Mobile Gaming, a friend and foe to the Video Gaming Industry


After reading this title I know some of you may already have your stones ready to murder me, but please hear me out.


Today in Chicago a glorious rainstorm hit us for about a few minutes. I was able to catch the bus home and sat right near a girl who was on her smart phone surrounded by pink casing. As a normal nerd, I invaded her privacy and glanced at her phone’s screen to discover what she was doing was beginning a game. Her torso hunched over to get a great view of the game. The game looked like one of those typical puzzle games that was either free or no more than $1.50. After a few minutes it dawned upon me that mobile gaming is possibly hurting and helping the video gaming industry.  I will explain in 5 simple paragraphs below.

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