Interview with Justin Barwick from the GCW Zero

What is the GCW-Zero? Have you heard of the Dingoo Digital or OpenPandora? Well, if you have you’re close. The GCW-Zero is an Open Handheld Gaming System and more. It has been in development for a a while now and it is close to making a huge public release. It already has been shipped to many people and has gone to KickStarter to crowd-fund it to make it all possible. We were able to contact the developers behind the GCW-Zero and we have an interview in store for you.

1. Thank you for participating in our interview. May you please introduce yourself?

I’m Justin Barwick, the CEO of GCW – Game Consoles Worldwide.


2. What got you started into handheld game console development?

I was a retailer of gaming consoles such as the Dingoo Digital A320, Gemei A330, JXD, and Yinlips.

Everyone would complain to me about what was wrong with each of the consoles and ask me to tell the manufacturers to fix the software or hardware issues in the next model of their console.

I would relay this information and make requests on behalf of my customers/communities but nothing ever happened. They just kept cranking out subpar consoles. At that point I had enough connections in the industry that I decided it was time for me to build what everyone wanted.


3. Your campaign requests $130,000, what do you plan to do with the funds if your campaign succeeds?

80% of the money will be used to mass produce the console for those that pledged for one on Kick Starter and to get stock for retail. 5% will be used to Kick It Forward to other projects on Kick Starter. 10% to bring in fresh talent/developers and pay the current developers. 5% will be used for business operations/marketing.


4. If you had to describe the GCW Zero in 7 words, what would you say?

 Modern, truly Open Source Linux Gaming Console.


5. Do you plan to create any first party titles?

We are in talks with a couple developers but at this point nothing is ironed out. We would certainly love to see new homebrew/indie titles on our console.


6.So far what has been your best experiences running your first Kick Starter campaign?

 It’s been great seeing all the support and seeing everyone truly wants my idea/dream. Just seeing all the comments really lets me know all the hard work, time, and money was all worth it.


7. Also what has been some of your worst and most surprising experiences during your campaigning process

Not really much other than thinking about the last couple days of the Kick Starter campaign which will decide whether we actually meet our goal. It is very nerve racking. Waking up, looking at where we are and where we need to be to take this from a dream to reality.



8.  What are you going to do differently then Nintendo and Sony?
We want to focus on truly open source and indie games/applications to promote it and get it out there. About only 1 in 5 indie titles gets the exposure it needs to succeed. We want to make that number grow. When you buy a mainstream console, you have to pay extra for every new game you want to play. Here we offer a great library of free, open source homebrew titles out of the box. Of course we also welcome commercial indie titles, however the majority of the currently available software is of no extra charge.

9. How do you cope with all of the stress that may come with a campaign so grand

I just wake up and tell myself: “I’m doing this for me and for the open source community and it is worth it!” It gives me a huge sense of pride and satisfaction looking at where we are and how far we came with it in just a little less than a year. How many people can say “I had a dream in December 2011 and by April 2012 we had the first prototype and now in January 2013 we are ready to go into mass production if we get the funding.

10.Speaking of favorite series…. what game series would you consider to be your all time favorite?

The Interplay Fallout series.



11. Why are you making the GCW Zero?

Because I’m a retro-gamer and that’s what I always wanted to do. Also because the majority of the retro-gaming community I’m part of seemed to agree with me in their desires for a better and more functional open source gaming console.


 12. The GCW Zero seems to talk about emulation, do you plan to have a virtual store to allow this?

No, we don’t plan to have it on the virtual store or directly support it.

We have a lot of third party developers using our SDK/toolchain that are developing emulators and plan to support them with answers to development questions for the GCW Zero. We however will not be directly involved or support them on our main virtual store.


13. Are you guys hiring? If so, how can people get on board with you guys?

At this point – until we get the funding – my developers donate their time without a monetary reward. If any developer out there wants to devote their time to help us, they can contact me at

Another way to stay in touch with our development team is our irc channel #gcw on

14. Anything else you would like to say?

Just to say I’m honored by all of the people who have made Kick Starter pledges. I would like to thank them for believing in me, my team and our product. Thank you so much for this! It means a lot to us.

Thank you for your time and may you succeed.


I hope you enjoyed the interview with  Justin.

What do you think of The GCW Zero, Justin and all of the above? Let us know below in the comments section below.


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  • zorro

    Psp rip off

  • FreddyBoubil

    Between all the not finished Android consoles and the Pandora which is really to expensive, I consider the Zero as the most exciting console. The first videos are really promising.

    Thanks to Justin and his team to have made it, considering the wants of the retro gamers.

    I just hope now that the kickstarter will be ok at the end since I, of course, have made a pledge :)

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